Block/ Handle iOS 10

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How do the schools handle/ stop the iOS10 upgrade on students'/ teachers' ipads if school is not ready for classroom app. Recently some schoo ipads were upgraded to iOS10 beta version and teachers were not able to focus these upgraded ipads. If Apple release iOS10 on all ipads then we won't be able to focus students ipads who have upgraded to iOS10. We want all iPads to upgrade once we as a school are ready for the upgrade.

Any suggestions are appreciated.


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Chances are the betas where installed via a Configuration Profile and then updated through the software update section of Settings.

First question would be are your devices supervised? If they are you can push out a configuration profile restriction to disallow the user to install configuration profiles (you will still be able to install them via you're JSS)

Second question would be are your devices setup for Apple DEP? You can only schedule iOS updates on DEP enrolled devices.

Unfortunately Apple do not allow restricting iOS devices from installing public releases of software updates, however I would imagine JAMF would have an update ready for iOS 10 for Casper Focus, its just because the devices are running the Beta version of the software that this is not currently working id imagine.