Block Updates to Pro Presenter by Renewed Vision 3rd Party Applications

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I am currently posting this as having found a solution, but always open to other solutions that may be simpler, thus a discussion thread! So I tried blocking processes, scripts, etc.. none worked then I decided to use a configuration profile. Under Restrictions, I selected Preferences and disabled "Security and Privacy". Under "Security and Privacy" I restricted Gatekeeper to "Mac App Store" and "Do not allow override to Gatekeeper". Then of course I scoped it to the correct devices, but first! --> In order for it to work, you must have downloaded and opened Pro Presenter on that Mac first. If you did not open it from the download, it will be blocked. If you are already using PP, then it is o.k. to add the device straight to the profile. (This is the tedious part that I am hoping this thread may eventually solve). After the application runs for the first time from download, I added that computer/department to this "Restriction Profile". Now whenever users click "check for updates" inside PP and clicks "install updates", it does not work and will not allow them to update. This works for me now, but as devices grow using the Pro Presenter Application I hope to avoid having to download and run the application.

My goal is to push the PP application to the correct devices with DEP enrollment and then automatically know the updates will be blocked. I want to eliminate having to touch the device.