Boston User Group, spring '14


Ive setup an event under user groups go have a peek.

Let me know if the date and time work.


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It works for me personally, both date and time. But, its possible its starting a little late for some folks coming from a good distance away.

Again though, its not an issue for me. I can make it and plan to just as I have with all the previous meetings.



you've got a point. I was assuming time to travel after work... but if people prefer, I could start it earlier... 4:30 would be about the earliest.. the parking lot is like a re-enactment of the sacking of Rome each day when the kids get out. Its calmed a bit by 4:30


I have to reschedule the meeting set for next Wednesday. I've received little response so far so I was thinking of holding off until sometime next quarter and trying to setup something then.

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I'm game for either time. But traffic at that time is a killer.


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I'm always in! Sorry to hear that the response was low (We're talking from the registration yes?). In any event I'm still planning on being down in Natick for Apples Tech Update. There were a few people talking about meeting up after for a quick JAMF afternoon get together. I'll jump back on the Boston JUG post and see if folks are still planning on going. regardless, I'll be there.