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You got the 4th and 6th on there. which one :-)
my school is trying to run a standardized test and the secure web browser they use is choking on a RescueRecordings process thats running on student system (its a root level process). anyone ever heard of this process? my googlefu has failed me thus ...
I am trying to get a usable list of who is an admin on a given set of machines. Should be easy... run an extension attribute for anyone above 500 and BAM.. but these are AD mobile accounts so the UID is 10 digits long. See the example from a record b...
There is a cheating service for membean users that logs minutes on the site automatically. Needless to say, the faculty here are not pleased about this. I have found the most popular culprit in the chrome store (Smart membean) and blocked it via chro...
I am building out a laptop one-to-one program and am using mobile accounts (AD). Does anyone know if it is possible to automate the setting that allows only a specific user to create a mobile account? I would Love to be able to set the system to allo...
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