Casper Imaging erasing drive manually?

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HI Everyone,

This seems like a simple question, but I cannot find the answer. In our imaging process, the first thing we do when imaging an existing Mac is to erase the hard drive. Usually this hasn't been an issue. In fact, as I watch the messages in the Casper Imaging app, I see the message change from erasing hard drive to erasing hard drive manually. Does anyone know what it means or what is happening when it says, erasing hard drive manually? Just a little curious.

Everything is working, just trying to understand what is happening.




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@mconners, what version of the JSS & Casper Imaging?

Also, are these Macs you're seeing this on coming with Yosemite installed? Or otherwise have CoreStorage enabled?

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These Macs are existing Macs with Mavericks installed. We were trying to update the software on these Macs to the latest of our applications and I have noticed this. Therefore, we were going to nuke and pave them all. As for CoreStorage enabled, I am not sure I understand the term.