Checkpoint Endpoint VPN Client config profile without Firewall

New Contributor II

To give some context here is what I'm trying to accomplish.
I want to create a config profile to push to my mac user's for the Checkpoint Endpoint VPN client without having it install the Checkpoint firewall app.

Whatever package I download from checkpoint (the pkg, the dmg, the zipp) it seems the checkpoint firewall app is bundled into the installer. I've tried going to composer route to run the installation of the endpoint vpn client, then deleting the firewall app but it looks like starting with version 84.30 the plist, configuration files don't push out so I can't replicate that install from the created pkg from composer to other machines.

Checkpoint provides information on how to create a config file to push to users but it still bundles that firewall app in there.

Has anyone figured out a way to remove that firewall app on Big Sur?