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I found a staff laptop with chromium on it, after some research (and realizing they had no reason to have chromium) I discovered it was a form of the chromium virus. At least i'm pretty sure it was. Only incriminating evidence I could find was the Chrome://Chrome page didn't have an option to update and had a version number way off from anything I could find online.

Trying to figure out a way to check all of our staff laptops and potentially remove it. The app was located in the users application folder MacintoshHD/Users/USERNAME/Applications

How can I go about adding that into the inventory collection so I can create smart groups off of it.


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Yes, it's possible to add a path in, however, I'm not sure if there's some "official" method for it from Jamf, but the only thing that has seemed to work for me is to use something like this below.


You can add this in by going to Settings > Computer Management > Inventory Collection > Software Click Edit, then the Add button to add in the path.

I tried a few other variations, such as a wildcard in the path like /Users/*/Applications/ but it didn't work. Using the ~/ path does work though. Of course, it will only pull in applications from the logged in user's home directory, not any other accounts that may be on the Mac. Just something to be aware of.

From there, hopefully you can build a Smart Group or run searches for systems that have the app installed.

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I'll give it a try, Thank you very much!