Cisco Webex Install latest version script

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Couldn't find a script that did this. We don't use this a lot but I was asked to patch Cisco Webex to ensure that the users that do have it were on the latest version.

This is based on a script we've been using that does the same thing for chrome.


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Hey @strayer you've got a typo in the script. Line 31 has loggedinUser where it should be loggedInUser (capital i). Or you need to change the variable in elsewhere so it's lowercase i. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

And "[[ ]]" and "==" are undefined in POSIX shell. Single brackets and single equals work fine.

Check out It's great for checking bash and sh scripts for possible problems and keeping your code up to date with the latest changes in those scripting environments. ;-)

Oh, and thanks for the script too! Another app down!

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@cwaldrip thanks for catching that Typo. I've updated it on github.
This script really doesn't get much use ;-)
I'll check out , Thanks always looking for new tools.

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@strayer Just adding another linter for bash if you use Atom I used to use spellcheck until I installed this plugin which works inline as you script :)

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This is just what I was looking for glad someone else had this request and thanks for sharing the script saved me a lot of time 

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Is there an updated page to the script?