Coalition of Apple Engineers

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The Coalition of Apple Engineers (CAE) is an initiative to bring together engineers throughout the Defense and Federal Government arena who are tasked with implementing one or more of the various Apple Computer technologies. The CAE was developed to share different approaches in implementing iOS and Mac OS X devices. Our monthly meeting keeps members up to date on the current iOS/OS X STIG and SHB approval status, NIST releases, and much more. Eligible participants are Government Managers and/or Engineers and Contract Managers and/or Engineers sponsored by the government. Third party vendors are also welcome. Take a look at our website If you have questions, contact the Coalition Support Desk at


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This is really great, wish it had been around when I was doing my time in Gov contracting.

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I wish Macs existed when I was in the US Army.


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Unkown issuer certificate on that site. Nice. Do I trust this or not? :/

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What are the requirements for a "Sponsor" to register on the site? I'm the only Mac engineer for my location, so none of my managers are going to sign up on the site...

14 years working at the same agency, but I'm a contractor, not Fed., so it won't let me register without a sponsor.

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Taylor the sponsor will need to be Government. When you fill out the registration, list a sponsors name, title and email that will approve your membership into the CAE.

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Signed in this morning, received the above message. Perhaps CAE has gone full-time to the Slack environment?