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I know this is probably a long-shot... but has anyone figured out how to block Monterey from appearing in Big Sur's Software Update pane after 90 days? All of our Big Sur machines seem to have lit up this morning with the "Install Monterey" feature. ...
I've already put in a ticket with Apple and perused the macadmins Slack, but I thought someone here might have had the same issue or know of a fix...We have a fleet of about 3800 machines. Most are Catalina, but we have about 800 running Big Sur and ...
I know we're "behind" a version (we're on-prem), but we're seeing a lot of instances where cloning policies results in a new policy with no packages or scripts... almost like the clone button *removes* those now. I wasn't sure if I should even report...
I have created a package with CreateOSXInstallPkg (nothing but the OS in the package) and put it into Self Service for testing. If File Vault is enabled, we're getting this error message: Copying InstallOSX_10.10.1_14B25.pkg...Installing InstallOSX_1...
I feel like I'm going crazy, so someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but these are the steps we've used since 10.9 came out for making Casper Imaging images:1. Obtain OS X installer from Apple2. Drag OS X installer to Casper Admin3. Let Admin do i...
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