Comparison Jamf - Intune 2024

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Hello everyone,
Anyone know if there is a good comparison between Jamf and Intune somewhere - what each environment can/can't do and how long things take to accomplish in the different environments?

In this case, it applies primarily to Mac. But iOS can also be interesting.


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I don't have a deep breakdown, but we have both Jamf and Intune in our environment and evaluate Intune for Mac management every year or so. Basically, if you are okay with Managing a Mac like an iPhone, and being much more hands on (like lacking a prestage for device configuration) Intune is fine. If you want to actually manage a Mac like a computer, go with Jamf.


A non-technical comment. Most of your vendors provide documentation, instructions and support for how to manage their stuff with Jamf, not Intune. So, Intune has more of a learning curve as you need to translate a lot of white pages from Jamf language and processes to Intune. MS support is also generally very slow and very under trained in supporting macOS. You will likely spend more time with continuous training and resolving issues with Intune.


Intune is getting better, but not fast enough. Intune still feels a decade behind Jamf in most functions that are not directly Microsoft related. Whatever money you save with Intune licensing vs Jamf will probably be offset by labor in supporting, training, and constantly retooling vendor software for Intune.

Thanks for the short info, I'll take it with me. :)