Computers more than X years old

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I'm trying to setup some reporting for management and I wanted to setup a smart group or something to check for machines more than X years old or something along those lines. I didn't see an option in smart group that looked like it would do that. Anybody have any suggestions?


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The quickest way to do it a search would just be a model year search, but that doesn't quite match the "over X years old" question. 39e23a8b071c4ff2b50306d686a33a41
Now granted, given that years don't change that often, you could probably just build a broad search (ie Model year like 2011 OR year like 2012, etc) and take care of most of your needs with minimal adjustment every year.

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If you have GSX access and update warranty data for your machines, you'll get a purchase date you can search on. We use this all the time.

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We are using this. It is approximate, but awesome.

Then I have a smart group that will report if it is over 1465 days ago as we refresh every 4 years now.

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i would recommend using the models for criteria, as was mentioned above