Configuration Profiles Suddenly Fail to Install at Enrollment

New Contributor

I noticed over the last couple of days that newly-enrolled computers via QuickAdd package are failing to install various configuration profiles, specifically ones that are related to PPPC rules and kernel extensions. It works when I make a change to the profile to re-push it to all computers (e.g. changing it to be deployed via Self Service and then changing it back to "Install automatically"). Next to the failed commands in the computer's management interface, it says "The profile must originate from a user approved MDM server," but it doesn't even give me an opportunity to approve the profile before it fails. I haven't tested it yet via user-initiated enrollment. Any thoughts about what might be causing this or where I can look? It's bizarre because it was been working fine until a couple of days ago.

UPDATE: It looks like it just takes forever to apply those profiles after the profile is approved. That's strange.


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Yup, it's just a prerequisite thing. I find if you run a recon after approving the MDM, all the profiles install right away. So this isn't an issue for us, since in our setup scripts, there are a couple recons that happen.