Configure settings for built in iOS apps (camera and photos)

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Hi Jamf community! I have a need to configure the settings below globally on our fleet of iPads. I am hoping someone has found a way to do this as doing it manually is not overly appealing!

  1. Settings > Camera > Formats - Most Compatible
  2. Settings > Photos > Transfer to Mac or PC - Automatic
  3. Camera - disable live photos

Any info would be great!


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I’m by interested to see if this can be done, too.

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I need this also, deploying hundreds of iPhones to a bunch of Windows users will cause issues with their precious pictures. Can't it be scripted somehow?

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Honored Contributor II

Unfortunately, none of these settings is currently available to administer. Apple would need to make these options available for Jamf to manage. At most, you an enable/disable the Camera app and FaceTime use. All manageable settings you see in a new Device Configuration Profile are what's possible.

As far a scripting is concerned, iOS devices don't support running scripts or any Terminal commands like macOS.