Configuring "new" Connection Types in the VPN macOS Configuration Profile

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In the latest versions of Jamf Pro I am seeing several new Connection Types available in the VPN option of macOS Configuration Profiles (and mobile too).
I am interested in using the Connection Type of /Cisco AnyConnect. I can't find any documentation on what should go in the fields or how it relates to the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client (if it does at all). Is anyone using this or knows of any documentation?

For the record the "new" types are
Cisco Legacy AnyConnect
Cisco AnyConnect
Juniper SSL
SonicWaALL Mobile Connect
Aruba VIA
Check Point Mobile VPN
Custom SSL


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Id like to use checkpoint vpn with this

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I’m interested in Check Point configuration as well. And documentation on this?

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Following this as well. We use Cisco AnyConnect and I saw this same thing and wondered the same question - what needs to go in the fields. I assume the server field is the vpn address you are connecting to. However, I noticed that it's looking for user authentication and we use machine cert authentication. I didn't see an option listed in there for it to authenticate via machine cert. I was hoping that this would replace the xml file we are currently using. Hopefully someone on JamfNation is using this and can provide some insight.

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Anyone was able to use it with Checkpoint?

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I am interested in this, I will be following this thread, we use Junos Pulse secure.


Also interested in this 2 years later. If anyone has been able to configure checkpoint with Jamf to preload site information I'd love to hear how it was done!

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wow really!!! nothing

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I am also interested if there is documentation on using CheckPoint with this. Has anyone got success with this?