Connecting iPads to NYC DOE ncpsp wifi with configuration profile

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Does anyone here have experience connecting iPads to the NYC Dept of Ed wifi networks (ncpsp) using a configuration profile. I've got the network and password setup correctly but am not able to make a connection via the configuration profile. I can only connect entering the password by hand. I think I must have one of the parameters set incorrectly.

Long ago, I remember NYCDOE required special proxy settings but I don't know what that would be currently.

Any clues are appreciated. Thanks.


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Hey there!

Jamf Nation might not be the space for this request just due to the fact that it is environment-specific - and sharing the credentials or profiles used to connect to a private network could represent a security issue.

You may wish to reach out to your BTD / DIIT Field Team for information on this sort of connection. If you need help with something in Jamf Pro, please open a support case with us - you can do so in Jamf Nation by going to the upper right, dropping-down the menu under your user name, and selecting "Support".

I hope this is helpful! Please continue to use Jamf Nation as a resource and don't hesitate to post here - I just wanted to make sure your question was directed to the right place.


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If you use Apple configurator, you can set it up there by making a profile.

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What is the ncpsp password