Creating local admin account nukes laptops current user permissions

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Hi All!

I recently deployed an Admin account to each user under our JAMF instance using the "Local User Account" payload pointed to the /Users/ directory and while it seemed to have worked at first, as if they were dominoes, each and every computer fell one by one. What I mean by that is each laptop's current user lost permission access to their entire folder(s) structure. Files disappeared, in some cases finder couldn't open, apps wouldn't open and I had a lineup of 20+ employees at a time at my desk so I could run the following script which resolved all the mentioned issues:

diskutil resetUserPermissions / id -u

How have others deployed local admin accounts with passwords assigned to that account before? Anything that I did incorrectly that I can take note of for next time?

I have already submitted a SR w/ JAMF marked High Priority but wanted to see if the community has seen this


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I think I just had this exact same issue, not sure what happened. No idea how it managed this.