Creative Cloud deployments for intel/Apple Silicon

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Now that Adobe has released some versions of their software as separate installers for the Apple Silicon architecture, I was curious if anyone has come up with clever deployment strategies using Jamf.

I was in the Windows world when last we saw two architectures for Mac OS X. I noticed that Jamf Admin still has the old PPC setting that lets you create a substitution if the architecture isn't specifically intel or ppc. I'm wondering if Jamf might update that for Apple Silicon.

I haven't started looking too hard at everything but that might be more useful if they updated that than creating new smartgroups and policies.

Curious what others are thinking of doing. I'm sure there will be different takes on this since there is more than one way to deploy already.



I would like to know as well. I imagine creating a script to install one package (intel) over another (Apple Silicon) with something like

if [ "$arch" == "arm64" ]; then
elif [ "$arch" == "i386" ]; then

And then create a policy with the script and both packages (intel/apple silicon).