Creatng a PKG to install software

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We have some document cameras that we issue to our users. There is a software that is recommended for the document camera here

What would be the best way to push this software to users laptop? Creating a PKG and adding it to a policy? What would be the steps to do this?



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That .ZIP unpacks to a .DMG; mounting the .DMG reveals an app.

So, drag the app to your intended destination (typically /Applications) on a test Mac. Open Composer, hit Esc to cancel the first screen, then drag the app into the Composer window. You'll notice that it shows the same path (folder hierarchy). Optionally rename the source such as with the version of the app, then click one of the Build options - you're fine with building a .PKG for this.  Upload that .PKG to your Jamf instance, then create a policy, add that .PKG, set a trigger and a scope.  Or if you think of a policy as who, what, when: who is the scope, what is the payload or script, and when is the trigger.

There are so many other variables and possibilities, but that's the gist of it.  If you're just starting out, try Jamf's training videos:

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Move the .app from the .dmg to /Applications. Then use composer to build a package, and put the package in a policy. You could deploy the DMG directly if you preferred as Jamf Pro supports that, but I try to avoid deploying .dmgs. 


As far as building the policy, build it just like any other and set your scope and triggers.