Dealing with stale info


This one goes out to the seasoned Jamf Admins that have come in to jobs where Jamf Pro has already been deployed and have therefore inherited, what seems like, a neglected database full of old devices that are no longer anywhere physically to be found.

How do you deal with that?

Do you meticulously hunt every last laptop down until it's found or undeniably lost, and then go through the motions of removing them one by one from Jamf and subsequently removing from ABM?

Or do you just say "meh, delete everything that hasn't checked in for the last 90 days" and leave it all 'as is' in ABM?

Or do you have some other strategy?

Would be great to hear from all of you in that kind of position!


Contributor II

If a computer hasn't checked in within 60 days, it becomes unmanaged.

if it hasn't checked in within 90 days, the record becomes deleted.

As for deleting things in ABM, that is only ever done when necessary. IE, the items been donated or given to an individual outside of the org. otherwise, it stays in there forever and ever.