Dell WD15 dock and Belkin USB-C Ethernet adapter 802.1x issue

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We're planning on refreshing all our older Thunderbolt MBPs with 2016 and 2017 MBPs with TouchBar and USB-C. (Running Sierra 10.12.6) We're using an 802.1x configuration profile that works fine with the Belkin USB-C adapters, but when we use the Dell WD15 dock, it does not automatically connect like the Belkin adapter does. We have to go to System Prefs > Network, click on the "USB 10/100/1000 LAN" interface and click on Connect every time after a reboot. After a disconnect and reconnect, it does automatically connect - it just doesn't survive a reboot. I verified under the 802.1x tab that "Enable automatic connection" is checked. Does the 802.1x autoconnect on Ethernet only work for the first adapter you setup?

I did notice that the item for the Dell dock in the Login keychain is for "user.identity.profileid" with the correct profileid. The item for WiFi and the Belkin adapter are both "system.identity" How do I change the Dell WD15 dock to a system identifier instead of user? Would that fix the autoconnection issue?