DEP - Prestage Enrollment Breaks inventory preload.

New Contributor III

We integrated Jamf with ServiceNow and use ServiceNow as our asset repository and tracking mechanism. We purchase and receive through ServiceNow. Before DEP we could create the computer object through the API using Serial, Mac Address and computer name at the time of receiving. We would also sort the computer into the correct management site, this was all automated. Now if we preload the inventory in Jamf and then enter the serial in Apple School Manager to make the computer DEP, it seems to merge the two records into a single record.

That is until the PreStage Enrollment runs on the machine. When PreStage runs it creates a duplicate record, but of course, it has none of the custom meta we have attached to the computer record that it duplicated. A new record with just hardware derived information is created and we are stuck with a record with the serial number that has all of the important user and purchasing meta, and then a new object that has just hardware information.

How is this possible? I know one of the keys is UDID, but shouldn't the serial number have to be globally unique as well?

This seems like a bug to me, but perhaps there is a reason it works this way.