Deploying an App NOT listed in Apple Business Manager

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Hello there, 


I am needing to deploy an App to my iPads out in the field, but the developer of this app has not made it available in VPP/Apple Business Manager. . . This is an app for checking Vaccination Passports, so its an essential need and something we could be fined for not doing. 


How do I deploy this app outside of the ABM? I tried adding it in manually in JamfPro, and I was able to get it to push, but it requires an iTunes log-in on the device which none of my devices have, (or even have access to). . . any ideas/suggestions? So far I only need to do it for a handful of devices. . .  so even if it is a slightly manual process, I'm okay with it for now.


Thanks in advance!


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This sounds like the developer needs to remove this from the app, I have deployed many inhouse apps using Jamf and I have only had this issue once, this was rectified by getting the developer to remove this.

The developer can use ABM and deploy using Business 2 Business, meaning only you can deploy it using ABM and Jamf. You supply the developer with your Apple ID for business and they then make the app available for only you.

It sounds like the developer started the process by incorporating Apple ID's into the App, but does not want to complete the process of actually registering and making it available.

Thanks @simon_brooke,

Your explanation makes total sense. 

Unfortunately, this app is controlled by the state of NY. . . I have provided them feedback in their app feedback section but I'm not sure I would have the ability for them to make this adjustment based solely on my feedback alone. . .  was hoping that another option would be available assuming no additional changes were needed to the app is it stands. 


Hopefully there are other businesses facing a similar situation and NYS makes these adjustments. . . in the meantime, i'll keep searching.


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