Time-Based/Scheduled Config Profiles

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Is there any way to accomplish pushing out a profile on a schedule? I'm assuming the config profile would be assigned to a Smart Group and that the Smart Group would be on a schedule...but I'm unsure how or even if this achievable.

Ultimately, I want an app to go into Single App Mode (via config profile) to a select group of devices only at a particular time of the day.


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Is there a solution?

I am looking into this as well...

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No solution, I'm interesting too

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@robert.petitto My only guess is to have a script that is fired off with a Launch Agent or something that would run at a specific time. The script could contain an API call to the JSS that would scope a group to a configuration profile. If you go here: https://developer.jamf.com/apis/jamf-pro-api/index You can find the "mobiledeviceconfigurationprofile" section and take a look at the PUT command example.

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Running api calls as a scheduled task could be a solutions to this.

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Does anyone have a sample script they could post that would accomplish this task. It would help greatly.