Deploying TrendMicro Worry-Free Security Services agent

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Has anybody deployed TrendMicro Worry-Free Security Services agent using Casper? They have the following KB that explains how to do it using an OSX Server
However I can't figure it out on Casper.


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I am dealing with the same issue. I currently have a ticket open with Trend to see if there is another solution or if they can get a better deployment option. I hope to see a resolution soon. Unfortunately, nothing else I have tried has worked.


I really don't like it (too many years doing Windows packaging and hating 'setup capture'-type installs), but have you tried pushing the client to a machine while running Composer and doing a before-and-after capture, then editing out any machine-specific bits, and saving as a .pkg or .dmg and deploying that? In my Mac experience thus far, they seem to be much more forgiving of these types of installations (no registry to worry about, though you do have the errant .plist that can trip you up).


Given the push-centric method they show though...this probably wouldn't register a new client on the WFBS server I suppose. We're still on OfficeScan, and I FINALLY have a working package for that (curse Trend and their tag-along .plist configuration file and associated directories!)

EDIT: Read the rest of the article... :)
Looks like it is much the same as the TM OfficeScan package; the trick is you need both the .pkg and the .plist config file in ~~the same directory~~the directory structure as unzipped. What I finally did was create a new .pkg that had the entire unzipped "" with all directories intact, and installed them to /var/tmp/Trend, then put in a post-install script that ran the following:

installer -pkg /var/tmp/Trend/whateverTrend.pkg -target /
rm -rf /var/tmp/Trend

(Actually, I had problems with the post-install script, and made it into its own script that runs after the package install in the Policy; same end result I suppose).

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@KSchroeder did the above actually work for you? I have tried placing the .list and .pkg in the same folder and doing the install but I get an "Unable to connect to server" error when attempting to run the installer interactively and a broken install when running via command line. Could you post your plist file (with scrambled identifier) for comparison?


They can't just be in the same directory, you have to maintain the directory structure identically as what is in the .zip file you download. So in my .pkg file, I see:

      tmsminstall.pkg (within Trend30 folder)

Does that help?

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I have not been able to get a working solution to this yet.
Using Composer, created the .pkg that included the .plist and the .pkg file. Then tried both the postinstall script and the second script with JAMF to run the commands. OSX thinks that the software installed, but the application is unresponsive when I try to run it.

My plist file looks like this, taken from Trend's webpage.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "">

<plist version="1.0">



<string>THIS IS WHERE MY KEY IS</string>



I have talked to Trend multiple times about this and I am told that the only mass deployment can be done the way it is indicated in the article. I may have to dig out our apple server to test with. Any additional help is appreciated.


Admittedly I'm using OfficeScan not WFBS, but I would think it would be the same. The biggest thing that I found is that you MUST maintain the directory structure as noted above; just putting the .plist and .pkg in the same directory doesn't work for OfficeScan install anyway; the installer pkg looks specifically in the Resources/conf folder to find the ServerInfo.plist file.

Can you post a screenshot of what your Composer package looks like, and the postinstall script?

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So the composer snapshot route worked for me. However, the Trend Portal is a mess in that it only shows one computer. Seems the installer us a unique ID. However its functional on all my endpoints. I just don't have granular control over the Trend Portal as it thinks all my users are the same user.

I just downloaded the deployment package from my Trend Customer Portal, and used the composer in a typical fashion for that. However I could not package a DMG for some reason, I had to do a PKG file.