Device Enrollment Program (Obtaining the Server Token File)

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Hi All, I want to know how to Configuring a Computer PreStage Enrolment. I have downloaded public key from Setting > Global Managment > Device Enrolment program > download Public key(.Pem) then when I'm login ( with Organisation Apple ID for Obtaining the Server token file popup coming your Apple ID not Eligibal for this. Anyone tell me what happen.7ee468ce6d0b422d90b8d74712c3a4ab


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First a couple of questions;
- have you enrolled your organisation with Apples Device Enrollment Program?
- are you using the Apple ID you created at enrollment?
- have the account been verified by Apple, i.e. did you get the phone call?

To setup Prestage Enrollment you download the public certificate from your Jamf Pro server, then you login to the program portal at, go to Device Enrollment Program, then Manage Servers, click on Add MDM Server, create a name, upload your public key, the certificate you downloaded previously from the Jamf Pro server, download the server token, add the server token to the Pre-stage Enrollment setup you are creating at your Jamf Pro server.

Now you are good to go, or at least should be if everything behaves according to plan.