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How are you guys using AppleTVs at your various facilities? What are the displays like? What information are you hosting?


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Wait until tvOS 11, from then Apple TV will support DEP (which it already does) AND forced single app mode directly from MDM, should make them much more workable as digital signage.

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Did not think apple tv's can be used for digital signage.
how is this done?
an Apple TV is much cheaper than a player box.
look forward to more discussion!

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We looked into this a lot and found the same. AppleTVs are not that great for digital signage unless you want to develop for it. We use BrightSign (and BrightSignNetworks) for ours and they're great, even though the advanced formatting features require a Windows client (There is a basic web platform that works just fine for us presently). They're cheaper than the AppleTVs as well, though most folks ask this question because they already have AppleTVs. I'm also waiting on a beta for Dashman... which looks great but doesn't exist yet.

Seriously though, check out BrightSign.

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I haven't used it, but our Apple engineer recommended we check out KitCast Digital Signage. He pointed out that it is on its 4th generation, so it's a mature product.

Kitcast is pretty expensive - check out YoDeck - or have you chosen something else since then?

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We built a custom app which provides a really easy way to use Google Slideshows on Apple TVs as Digital Signage. It can all be managed through JAMF. You don't need any proprietary slide software or devices. Let me know if you are still looking for a solution. 

Alternative Options: - used by large Resort Hotels & plenty of Museums worldwide - used by Hotels utilising AppleTVs - supports Multicast IPTV Streams - with Interface to Property Management Systems - used by Hotels utilising AppleTV + MacMini



Our custom is also now available if anyone finds this thread and is interested in using Google Slides as digital signage on Apple TVs.