Disabling Autoupdate in Brackets?

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Hello Everyone,

Anyone been able to find a way to disable the autoupdate mechanism in Brackets? I found the preference file and I thought I had it set appropriately, yet, upon first launch, Brackets is asking to update, even though the update applies to Windows only versions.



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I'm pretty sure Brackets reads it's prefs from:

/Users/Username/Library/Application Support/Brackets/defaultPreferences.json

You'd want to have a version of that file with the:

"autoUpdate.AutoUpdate": true,

setting changed to:

"autoUpdate.AutoUpdate": false,

Deployed out to your users.

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Thank you @hkabik I appreciate this. The crazy thing is, the file shows it as set to false:


Yet, when we launch Brackets the first time, we get the message about an update, which doesn't even apply to the Mac:


Thanks for the information, I might just let it slide. I had thought this would be an easy thing, but I have been fighting to correct it for hours.

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The update notification is coming from this issue: https://github.com/adobe/brackets/issues/14611

Like you mentioned, there wasn't a macOS release for 1.13.1, so we still see the same update. You can try capturing the state.json and brackets.json files in the same directory too after opening Brackets once, but you'll still see the green new build icon on the right side of the window. Deploying the additional JSON files also allows you to disable the health update if you're interested.

It's slightly less annoying on first launch with these three files, but still not ideal. A Privacy Preferences Policy Control payload is also necessary for Mojave if your students use the Live Preview feature.

Hope this helps.

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I found that I needed to edit the config.json file within the app.

Brackets > Contents > www > config.json

I removed the below 2 lines and update manually button doesnt do anything and it doesnt prompt for any updates either - tested on 1.12, 1.13 and 1.14

"update_info_url": "https://getupdates.brackets.io/getupdates/", "notification_info_url": "https://getupdates.brackets.io/getnotifications?locale=<locale>",