Distribution Points - JAMF Cloud hosted

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We recently moved the Cloud hosting with JAMF. I am having issues where my policies immediately go to local DPs instead of the JCDS when the computer is off our local LANs. I have all of my network segments set to go to the local DPs. When not on the network, policies attempt to mount my local DPs, fail, and then do not attempt to download from the JCDS. The only way to get it to work was to specifically tell the policy to get the package from the LCDS which is NOT what we want. We want that to happen ONLY when they are not on our local LANs. What am I missing?


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@mhegge Is you Jamf Cloud instance updated to version 10.27.0 yet? If yes, have you edited the settings for each of your File Share DP configurations to set the Failover Distribution Point to your Cloud Distribution Point (it's a setting on the General tab of the File Share DP configuration screen)? That should produce the behavior you're asking for.

You could also create a new network segment that is basically the entire IPv4 range and assign your Cloud Distribution Point as the default for that segment. Since most specific wins when determining network segment that should hit your internal DPs first, and the Cloud DP as the last resort.