EFI Driver Install failure

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Wondering if anyone else is having these issues with EFI print drivers. I've been setting up printers (various models of Fiery) by creating a driver package and deploying it out to all the Macs in the environment then creating the printer object and deploying that out through Self Service. It's been working great......till now. So the driver policy is setup to deliver the payload to /private/tmp and then execute this command: sudo installer -pkg /private/tmp/packagename.pkg -target / to run the installation. When I run this command locally it installs without any errors. When I deploy the policy through JAMF I get the attached error.67a3abad1c82433fa2e9c7cc6ebd1f87
When I check the install logs on the MacBook there do not seem to be any errors and the driver install looks to have been successful. Hopefully someone can shed some light on this.



I have no experience with Fiery drivers, but why the two steps?
1- a .pkg to install stuff into /tmp and 2-a second script to install the .pkg from /tmp with a script?

In my experience i recommend in general to re-create the pkg, in such a way that it installs the drivers directly (jamf uses the installer command in the background), that is what packages are designed for.
Take a look at the .pkg using tools like Suspicious Package or Pacifist to check what is done by the package. you write it seems to install correctly, maybe the script is not needed.

p.s. the policy/script is always run as root, so delete the sudo from your script (might me the reason of the error)

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I follow @foigus blog post on creating Fiery driver install packages using AutoPKG:

Trial By Fiery

I have had no problems, even with the newer FD63 version drivers, since I started following that process years ago and we deploy to a lot of computers.

Creating a package that way does not require dropping to /tmp first and using the installer binary.

I've documented the process on my blog in a few posts:

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