Enable iOS / iPadOS Automatic Updates

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Wondering if there is any way to enable the Software Updates --> Automatic Updates switch on the iPads in our K-12 school district.

We already defer updates by 45 days, but some of the devices fall WAY behind (some are still iOS 12) and it's hard to try to enforce updates on the devices when
A) kids have them at home
and B) kids don't want to update or don't know how to

I try to force out Update / Restart via the Action command to all devices in a smart group from time to time, but for some reason we only get about 60% completion and the others will just continue to check in but never update themselves.

Is this something that we can enable via configuration profile somewhere, or maybe a feature coming down the pipeline that I'm unaware of?



Hey @jonathankoziol

If the devices have a passcode on them, the "download and install the update, and restart devices after installation" will not work. You will first need to clear all the passcodes. With the passcode set, the student has to input their passcode for the update to install.

I hope this helps.


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I know this is an old thread, but I have not found any solution yet...

The requirement to remove the passcode for opening the phone in order to force deploy a new iOS update seems to be counter-intuitive for the security of the device.  

Is there no way to force the deployment of the latest iOS version to the phones without having to either clear the password first-- which will make the employees using the phones panic-- or to wait for the employee to enter their code, select "install now" instead of "ignore" and then enter their code again?

There must be a better way to role out updates to the phone os to large groups spread over large distances.

We struggle keeping our student 1:1 iPads up to date too.  I agree the requirement to clear the passcode is terrible for security.  I contacted Apple about this and they told me JAMF should be able to implement an easier process for the updating.  With security holes constantly popping up, this really needs to be automatic or at least easier to do. (we use JAMF school)

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Was a solution to this ever released?

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Refer to the latest documentation from Apple for more insight.  Check out this article: https://support.apple.com/guide/deployment/use-mdm-to-deploy-software-updates-depafd2fad80/web#dep6b...