Enabling a forced extension, and other settings?


I previously used a PLIST for managing Chrome and Edge including pushing 2 extensions for all users. This worked, it pushed them in an active state, no problems.

Seeing you can now get nice JSON config files that let you toggle any setting within Jamf I switched to that but when push the 2 extensions they are both loaded, locked but disabled.

Its my understanding that you can add keys in an additional plist to configure extension settings, including if its enabled or disabled but so far not been able to find how.

Anyone know?



I have Jamf manifests for Chrome and Edge here to create configuration profiles that will install and enable extensions. These may get you what you need.

The manifests are here:

Instructions are here:

Thanks @talkingmoose . I have those already, figured out what the problem is. The extension im trying to push is Chrome. Im using Edge. You need to click on the "allow extensions from other stores" link to enable them, after that the push works. So now im searching for a way to push "allow extensions from other stores" to all devices.

Haven't tested, but looks like the key you need for your Edge management configuration profile is here.


Not sure if you've found your solution yet, but what worked for me to select the "allow extensions from other stores" was using Jamf Composer and specifying the setting "Monitor File System Changes". After that I went into my Microsoft Edge and selected the "allow extensions from other stores" option and then finished the Composer image. Then I made that into a DMG, put it in Jamf and also specified the FUT and FEU to allow for new and existing users to have the option selected. Best of luck!

Thank you so much for these, there's almost nothing on the internet about browser extensions on Jamf but these worked perfectly!

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Does anyone of you know the key for safari extension to allow access to all websites?