End of year device release - iPadOS

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Hello, We are in the midst of releasing school issued iPads to the ownership of their graduating students. In previous years our process was as follows.
1. Collect devices from students.
2. Release devices from DEP/ASM.
3. Wipe device.
4. Return to students.

Spoke with our JAMF CSR about how to update our process for the current situation. Was infromed of the following process:
1. Send Unmanage command to devices
- All JAMF framework and profiles should be removed.
2. DEP/ASM Release devices
3. If devices retain any JAMF profiles/framework, advise the students to
perform DFU restore.

When following the suggested process, students devices continued to report in Jamf as being Unmanaged, but retained the Jamf framework and some profiles. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to move foward from here? At the moment our primary contingency is to offer students a drop off schedule and DFU restore each individual device.