enforce minimum password length for local accounts

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Hi, Is it possible to use JAMF Pro to set the minimum password length at all. I can see some of our users have short passwords.

This is an issue until we can bind and use Active Directory. Is this possible with JAMF? If so let me know.

Thanks in advance


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have you tried pushing with the "Passcode Payload" enabled?
It will allow you to enforce settings.


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That looks like it should do the trick, Thanks for pointing it out.

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I am the biggest fan of custom profiles for each key. However, I am using the build in Jamf passcode profile and it's working as it should!!!

Also @bryan.garrant With Jamf connect and other solutions no need to bind to AD.. it's just going casue issues that Apple isn't going to fix. I would guess that all Apple big enterprises customers have stopped binding or in the process of changing. And if you look forward with the M CPU it's very very likely that in the future the macOS devices will be setup and configured just like iOS devices. No bind option.

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How do you "see" users with short passwords?  I am trying to locate users who have passwords shorter than 8 characters.  Thanks.


Should be able to see this in Jamf Protect