Enrolling ESXI VMware VM in JAMF

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Hi, I am trying to enroll a VM using JAMF. After I enroll the VM I don't see it listed in the Mobile devices section in JAMF Pro. There are several other Mobile devices but they say they are unmanaged. Is there a specific configuration that I need to ESXI VMs to properly enroll them.



Why are you looking in the Mobile Devices section? Any VM is going to be in the Computers section.... mobile devices is for iPhone/iPad. Beyond that, nothing specific, it should treat it like any other machine. Been a while since I did this with anything on ESXi, but from what I recall it was exactly the same as a VM in VMWare Fusion, just treated it like a normal machine.

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@user-qOMhbfTbeG See this web page: Automated MDM Enrolment and VMWare Fusion. As the title indicates, it's directions for VMware Fusion, but the .vmx changes are applicable for ESXi as well.

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Because there's no DEP solution "at scale", we're using the following script to install the QuickAdd package on first boot: https://github.com/rtrouton/First-Boot-Package-Install (Thanks, @rtrouton !) Basically, I install the first-boot script, place all the packages I want to be installed into those folders, shut down the VM, and save it as a template. Then when that template is used to spin up a new VM, it installs those packages immediately. I've also added a piece to that script to reset the UUID of the device so it's unique in Jamf each time. I can share that here if there's interest!

I'd prefer to use something like what @sdagley posted above and get these machines enrolled using DEP. But alas, Apple doesn't support spoofed UUID's or serials in DEP so it's not really something I can put in a template.