Enterprise Connect 2.0.2

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Wondering if anyone can shed some light on Enterprise Connect and passwords. We are currently trying to implement Enterprise Connect 2.0.2 and use some of the password features such as allowing live password testing. Our AD admins have setup custom DLL's to allow password retention of 180 days if the password meets specific requirements. Was wondering if anyone has been able to work through issues with regards to custom password settings since Enterprise Connect doesn't seem to have the ability to work with custom set DLL's in AD.


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We use Enterprise Connect in all our mac and just migrated in 2.0.2. We use fine grained password policy in our AD and it works really fine since the ver EC version 2.0.
I think that EC cannot manage DLL password filter.
But if the only parameter in your filter is the retention of 180 days, you can specify this in your EC configuration profile.
You can ask your Apple EC support by e-mail, they are really reactive and provide quick answer and solution.

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