Error 403 Indexing in Jamf Admin

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Trying to Index in Jamf Admin. Get the following error.

Unable to download Microsoft_Outlook_16.16.19031202_Installer.pkg from Jamf Cloud. Connection failure: "The operation couldn’t be completed. ( error 403.)"

This happens on most, if not all, of the Microsoft Office 2016 packages.

Also noticed in Self Service out Microsoft Updates error out.



You do not need to index the Office installer package you receive from Microsoft.

Indexing only allows you to identify and remove the files deployed by the package, however, many developer packages contain postinstall scripts that move or manipulate files after they're deployed. You cannot effectively remove all of Office using the indexed information.

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I have had that issue on other packages that were built with Composer when using Jamf Cloud distribution point. Is there anyone else that has had similar issues indexing packages using Jamf Cloud?

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@rmcdonald I am now getting the same problem when trying to use the Jamf Connect Login package I created to use the Notify script. It was also built in Composer. Find any solution yet? I think the fact that it cannot be indexed is also why it fails to install. Says this when trying to install package via policy.

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@rob_c28 Did you find a solution to your issue. I am having the same problem too.

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Count me in as well... Having same issue with Composer created pkgs, as well as ones from Microsoft

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count me in as having the issue as well.

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I'm having this issue with Composer too. The package is simply just an application that I'm copying to the /Applications folder. For what it's worth, I saved it as a DMG, and I had no problems so some of you may want to try that. The OS I ran it on was Catalina (a.k.a. macOS Vista)!

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I have this issue too when trying to deploy a Composer package.

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Is everyone who has this issue doing the indexing using the Jamf Cloud Distribution Server as their primary? If so, this may be another symptom of their larger issue around JCDS.

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I too am having this issue, and yes, I too am using the JCDS as a primary DP.

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I have started a case with JAMF Support. We are getting errors still and from various networks and devices both in Admin and the web interface. I am trying to upload an Office installer which is under 2GBs and seeing the following in our logs:

[ERROR] [ina-exec-40] [LoggingCcmErrorHandler ] - Response code 403 received when sending request to null.
[WARN ] [ina-exec-40] [tionPointInventoryUpdater] - Could not retrieve cloud distribution point inventory. Keeping previous inventory.


Well I'm a year late to this thread but was there ever a resolution with this? I have 2 plugins with the hp folder of the system library that are getting corrupted on student computers. I thought I would Index to delete them instead of one machine at a time but no luck.