Error installing applications

Contributor III

I am having some strange intermittent errors installing applications and deleting files in High Sierra. When installing some but not all Apps I often get an error which includes the text:

"An unexpected error occured while moving files to thier final destination".

I have tried deleting the original app where possible (Can't do that with iTunes) and then trying again, but even then sometimes I am unable to delete the application even after restarting. I have one app stuck in my trash and whenever I try to either empty the trash or use the Terminal and sudo rm -rf /pathtofolder/ I receive a error saying that the file is in use. I've tried re-applying the 10.13.2 combo update, booting into safe mode, repairing the drive, running maintenance scripts, etc...

I'm completely stumped. Beyond re-imaging the Macs in question, does anyone have any ideas?