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Trying to wrap my head around this... if we have a computer causing headaches, and we remove the JAMF binary, but keep the computer record in the JSS. Why is it that when we use the QuickAdd package to reinstall, for whatever reason, the QuickAdd treats the computer like a new enrollment, reinstalling everything it already had from when it was first enrolled. Apps, policies, config files, etc...

Any way to stop this? Shouldn't it see that the computer is already in the JSS?


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@monaronyc , I'm assuming you're running the removeframework command to remove the binary. Please note, that removing the binary removes everything off the local machine in regards to JAMF (mdm profiles, launchdaemons, etc).

The config profiles, and some policies(depending on ur policy), will by default HAVE to re-install.. However, you could create some smart groups for software policies to only install if the app doesn't exist. This will alleviate apps/policies running again during enrollment, if you want to continue the route of removing the binary, not deleting the computer record, and re-enrolling in the JSS


Thanks @JustDeWon ! Yes, that's exactly what we're doing. A removeFramework. So even though we keep the record in the JSS, with the same serial number, asset, all that jazz, when we re-recon, it's still going to treat it as a new enrollment?

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@monaronyc Take a look at Re-enrollment Settings under Global Management Settings for your JSS. You can adjust what happens when a previously enrolled device is re-enrolled.

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@sdagley looking at the default settings, you shouldn't be getting that behaviour by simply re enrolling from the terminal.