Feature Request: Windows Remote Client

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I had already sent this request to JAMF, but I wanted to get feedback from
other JSS users. I have asked for a Windows based Casper client mainly for
others within our support/help desk area which is typically a Windows

All I'm asking for is a client that can do the same functionality as the
Casper remote tools including the observe and control functionality of VNC.

Any takers? Comments?

Craig Ernst
Learning Spaces Support
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Learning and Technology Services
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I'll second this one. Rather than providing our Help Desk with a lone Mac
On 4/4/07 8:42 PM | 4/4, "Ernst, Craig S." <ERNSTCS at uwec.edu> wrote:
with Casper, installing a Windows client on each of their Windows PCs would
be much better.

-- William M. Smith, Technical Analyst
Digital Information Systems Support
Merrill Communications, LLC
(651) 632-1492

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Count me in for this request. I just happened to ask for the ability to run
Casper (application/remote?) on a PC mainly for our software librarian to
remote into Macs for software installation.

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this is really needed folks.. I could go on about the hows and whys but its pretty much a no-brainer...

Not to hijack the thread, but until this is done, is there any way to use VNC via windows to remote onto the Casper VNC session? or as its user / permission based via JSS is this impossible?

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See my feature request for this functionality:


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