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Does anyone know anything about this new feature that was announced with the release of OS X 5.0.3? iOS 9 users can easily access and store documents on OS X Server. Once a share point is created, it can be shared to iOS devices and made a...
Greetings, Can anyone on the forum comment on their experience with the FileBrowser for Business app? I'm especially interested in hearing how well the App Configuration works through JAMF Casper Suite.
Is it possible to use this new JSS feature to update iOS apps that are already installed?
What's this that I found in the release notes for 9.4? Personal Device Management—Users can now enroll personally owned iOS and *Android* devices with the JSS via user-initiated enrollment. This allows users to securely access institutional email, co...
In case you have not heard, the forthcoming 10.9.5 update will introduce a new requirement for app signatures that may present some problems depending on your client systems' Gatekeeper settings: