Feedback wanted: Adobe products in macOS AppStore?


Hey everyone,

at the moment I'm in a call with Adobe and told them about the idea to bring Adobe products in the macOS AppStore - just like Microsoft did with Office for macOS 😊

Basically this would be awesome for patching Adobe stuff, deploying via VPP and so on. They told us that they haven't heart of this topic before.

Please write some feedback within this thread, I've sent them the link and they monitor this thread to maybe bring it to macOS AppStore 😉


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They've heard of it, they just don't want to do it.

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Keep in mind that this would seriously lower their profit margin.

They've certainly heard about it, but the bean-counters are seriously going to fight it, and justifiably.

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I agree its something they should do but won't. Why would they give apple a cut when its adobe's way or the highway.