File Name Issue With 9.0


Since upgrading to 9.0 I seem to have a rather large problem. Whenever I try to install a package, either by remote or by setting up a policy, I get an error that the package cannot be found, for example:
An error occurred while running the policy "2013-08-26 at 10:47 AM | serve | 1 Computer" on the computer "Todd Tyler".

Actions from policy log: Executing Policy 2013-08-26 at 10:47 AM | serve | 1 Computer... Mounting to /Volumes/CasperShare... Error: The package (12.dmg) could not be found.

The complete policy log is available in the JSS at:

Computer ID: 311

You will notice that it is looking for the package 12.dmg, but the full name of the package is Smart v11.0.676.0 6/15/12.dmg. It appears that the slash from the date is causing a problem. Per the suggestion of the tech who did our jump start, I have always put the date on the end of the package and all 150 packages are named like that and they are all failing in a similar fashion.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Go to Casper Admin and rename one of the packages with periods in place of the slashes - replicate - see if that helps. Be a pain, but probably wouldn't take THAT long to update 150 packages.


Well I did verify that changing the name in Admin from slashes to dashes did solve the issue, but it will be a pain to have to rename all of my packages. Also, if that is the case that slashes are no longer allowed in file names, there should be a warning when uploading a file with slashes and a big warning when upgrading to 9.0 about this, with maybe an option to automatically change the names.

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Yeah, I'm kind of surprised you were told it was OK to use slashes, as its a path delimiter. It may have handled it before, but its generally not a good practice to name files that way. OS X can handle it, but in reality its translating those slashes into other characters on the back end so as not to get confused between path delimiters. For example, take a look at any file in Terminal that uses slashes in its name and you'll see they actually show up as colons (:)

I would use dashes or periods between the date items.

Edit: Just also wanted to add that I agree there should be a note at least in the guide or a warning when migrating packages over that these need to be renamed if the way they are handled changed in the new version. And certainly Casper Admin should stop if it sees a slash in a file name and can't property handle it for deployment.

Then again, JAMF may fix this. It may not have been an intentional change. Hard to say.


For dates I normally use YYMMDD (e.g Smart v11.0.676.0-120615), that way no problems with characters and it sorts nicely in directory listings.

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Agreed: "HOLY MOLY" I'm a little blown away that you were told that it was ok to use /... though technically it was OK for Casper at the time; it should be forbidden in the land of IT file naming conventions . Eventually, something will eat it and die a horrific death.

Dashes are probably the safest if you need a separator.

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Were the slashes recommended? Or just the date?

I've often use dates, but like 150613.

So it looks like:

Smart v11.0.676.0 061512.dmg

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reminds me of

With that said, I do second the notion of putting the dates at the end of file names. Especially if you've created them in a manner that allows them to be used in other deployment strategies (Non-Casper) utilities.