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Can anyone on the forum comment on their experience with the FileBrowser for Business app? I'm especially interested in hearing how well the App Configuration works through JAMF Casper Suite.


-- Jorge


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I've used FileBrowser for a few years and really like it. Haven't tried the app configuration although it looks fairly straight forward and includes examples for Casper settings management in their user guide.

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When using FileBrowser for Business App Configuration through JAMF Casper Suite every setting of FileBrowser may be configured to set the initial configuration or to enforce those settings. Connection settings of file servers may also be configured this way, along with Bookmarks. The easiest way to get started is to configure FileBrowser for Business how you want it and then save the config file via Config->Admin Settings page, which will create a Settings.FILEBROWSER file in the 'My Files' location. This file may be imported straight into JCS or edited to add additional settings such as 'mdm-enforce' if you wish to prevent the user from editing the settings when deployed to their device.

Our PDF document Remote Configuration Guide describes every setting of FileBrowser and contains additional information specific to MDM systems.

[Stratospherix Support]( are available via email if you would like help with this.