FileVault 2 and remote access.

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Have a question remotely accessing a macOS device that has FileVault 2 enabled via JSS. I have a few machines at one location that perform utility functions and were previously not encrypted with FV2. Once connected to the VPN I would access with ARD or Jamf Remote. With new compliance parameters these utility devices are now encrypted with FV2 via JSS Configuration profile. The issue that I'm running into is that when I have to reboot the device I can't log in remotely because the device has decrypt with the local user login. Once logged in I can access remotely but this becomes an issue because with any needed reboot. Looking for some suggestions or recommendations from anyone who may have run into a similar situation in their enviornment. Thanks in advance for any feedback. 


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Filevault has no concept of network connectivity. You either need someone onsite to log in to FileVault, or to add a line to your scripts for FileVault authrestart to skip the FileVault screen on the next reboot.

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sudo fdesetup authrestart

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Got it. Will try that...Thanks for the info!