Force a Monitor Color Profile

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The users here have HP Dreamcolor Monitors, but I want to set the machines to all use a special sRGB profile we created.

The profile is in Colorsync, but anytime a user moves a monitor, or I swap machines the System Prefs--Displays--Color always reverts to a default HP Dreamcolor Profile..

How can i get JAMF to set a Color Profile? the monitor itself is good. We have a way of setting Photoshop no problem, but is there a way to get the System to set it instead of the default one it thinks it should use?


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It's been two years since your post, but I thought I would post it anyways.

Try this:
Tim Sutton Custom Display

I'm actually having issues setting specific displays right now and that's how I stumbled upon your post.

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Has anyone used this solution, or another, successfully on 10.14.6 Mojave machines?

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I've got some brand new Minis that are giving me display problems. The HDMI output shows a blueish hue and no matter what monitor I attach. I can change it manually but it's only per user. Any ideas? Driving crazy.