Force a Reboot at Logout

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I need to configure a few speciifc Macs to restart anytime that the user chooses to logout. Mainly targeted to s couple shared kiosks, Macs that have very long uptimes, or users have been asked to reboot and still refuse to do so.

Off the top of my head, I can think I have at least (3) ways to acomplish this simple task in a Policy:

• Restart Options Payload (via the "Restart Immediately" drop-down menu) - Shows a JAMF pop-up message to the user (which may or may not be desireable).

• Files & Process Payload (via the "Execute Command" option - "/sbin/shutdown -r now" one-liner or similar).

• Script Payload (via a custom shell script that effectivley runs "/sbin/shutdown -r now").

Has anyone done this before? Any suggestions on the best way to handle this basic task?


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I did this long ago on a kiosk machine, with a restart options payload. It did fine, and the pop-up message is kind of helpful.

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Just looking at something like this. about to try offset. and looking at profiles. will follow up if I get something working