Force iOS off a current wifi for another

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I'm currently in the process of deploying 400+ iPads in a 1:1 environment. During the setup process we're using one SSID that is broadcasting. After the enrollment is complete we have a profile set up for it to use our hidden SSID network and it's set to automatically connect to it. The problem is it's not automatically making that switch, and it's staying on our SSID that is broadcasting, and that scope is currently full, making it to where I can't enroll any more.

Is there a way through the JSS to disconnect those devices from that network so they will join our hidden SSID?


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Hi @fbaker,

One thing I've done in the past to work around this problem is to "poison" the settings for the broadcasting SSID by including a payload that has incorrect authentication info (like a bad password) for the SSID. I would just include this in the same profile that's providing the hidden network settings.

That being said, even if you get the iPads off that SSID, you may still be unable to connect more devices if the DHCP leases haven't expired. You may want to look into lowering the DHCP least time on that particular network. This is something that has bit me many times on iOS deployments.

Hope that helps!

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I really wish this were possible. I tried poisoning the SSID through config profile and giving it a wrong password but the network I am trying to keep the ipads off is our public wifi and it does not have a password. Therefore, they can still connect. I sure wish there was a way to force the ipads to NOT connect to an SSID.

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Configure a wifi profile so they have to connect to the SSID you specify? The problem with this is if they lose connectivity you wont be able to send commands.