Grumpy's is closing

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Hello Jamf Nation,

Some sad news today. Grumpy's in downtown Minneapolis is officially closing, and being replaced by yet another high end apartment block. If you've ever had the pleasure of visiting our city for JNUC and killing time there with Jamfs and fellow customers, you're likely aware of how disappointing this is for all of us. Grumpy's has played host to countless lunches with teammates and clients, happy hours after work, birthday celebrations, and going away parties. It will be missed dearly by us locals / regular patrons, and certainly a few of you out there on Nation as well.

Closing date is not yet known, but their timeline of "this fall" is not particularly encouraging for anyone planning a visit during JNUC 2018. I'll attempt to find out more and update this post if I get any details, but to Grumpy's fans all over: pour one out for em, because they won't be pouring for us much longer.

See you all in October!


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Oh No!... Grumpy's had great Buffalo Wings and a great vibe.


Sad times. I was so looking forward to sharing the joy of Grumpy's with a coworker that finally gets to attend JNUC this year.

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That bites Blake! Time to find a new watering hole. Is Grumpy's Northeast still kickin'?

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Yes Matthew, the NE Minneapolis and Roseville locations are still going strong and will continue to do so.

I actually just heard back from Grumpy's, and their closing date is totally up to the city and the apartment developers. They literally don't know when they'll turn out the lights.

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Better reschedule jnuc.

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Wishing there was a Sad react on Jamf Nation... Feature Request!

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Where will we get our bacon?! #sniffle


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Maybe contact the owners and convince them to stay put till end of oct, we can agree to ONLY eat there to make it worth their while ;)


Can they cater JNUC?

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I'll agree to that if I swing around this year.

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The site of my first Juicy Lucy. #sad

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Really sorry to hear about this. I only got to go to Grumpy's a couple of times when I was up in that part of the woods, but it was always a good place and good food, good people, etc. Sorry to see it go. :(

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Unfortunately, I just learned September 30th is the last day of downtown Grumpy's. So no tots at JNUC.