GSX iOS Direct Self Service Account

New Contributor

I realize this is not a JAMF issue, but since I have not been able to get the answer from our Apple rep, I thought I would throw this out there.

We established a GSX account for our school seven years ago under what was then referred to as the iOS Direct Self Servicing Account. We have been able to process our repairs through GSX and have been discouraged from taking our iPads into the local Apple Stores. For the most part, the process runs quite smoothly with extremely fast turnaround times.

Occasionally, we do find ourselves needing to dispute an invoice which can only be done through the GSX escalation process. This is perhaps the most frustrating part of the system, as you try to get the GSX Channel Service Support representative to understand why you should not be billed.

I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience. More specifically, I would like to find out if any schools out there has established a GSX account and if you ever were assigned a "Field Service Representative" or "Channel Support Specialist?" From various discussions I believe I am basically trying to identify someone (other than your usual Apple sales and engineer) who you are able to work through in order to resolve GSX issues, other than the GSX folks themselves.

Also, if you have recently established a new GSX account, I am interested to hear what process you were advised to go through by your Apple reps, and what guidance they provided.